Monday, April 12, 2010

I've finally been pretty productive/creative lately. Having a master's class that requires you to create artwork will do that to you. While this may look like an ordinary doll, it is in fact a serious art doll. Ok, not so serious, but I still love her. I made this little girl for my little girl. Attempts to acquaint the two have been unsuccessful as of yet. I am sure that eventually Ava will love her!

Here is my next bit of creativity:

Another assignment for my class is to create an 'art project' that incorporates the influences of a couple of African American Female Artists. So here is my interpretation. I was inspired by Emma Amos because I am truly seeking to find that emotional connection to my artwork now more than ever. I was also inspired stylistically to Minnie Evans - I don't think it is hard to see the connection to her artwork. I actually started this painting before Ava was born. I had the drawing done and a little bit of the wings on the right painted, but not much else. There is a 'mama' and baby figure in the center (that's Ava and I), the butterfly and wings represent change and growth. Overall, it is about love and nurturing. I am thinking of adding a tree with roots to represent my family tree of sorts. So I've been chugging along on it. It is due in a week...I've got a lot more work to do.

On the home front, I finally finished painting the kitchen. I had painted the 'bump out' a different color, but I just didn't like it. So I painted yesterday. Amazing how a little rest and relaxation will get you fired up to conquer the world.

And where did I find all of this energy? Well, it actually did start before Spring Break, but spending time in Maui sure did help! These are my two sweethearts - you couldn't find a better pair for love and inspiration (and lots of snuggles too).

Sorry for the somewhat incoherent post, but I wanted to share what I've been up to lately. Enjoy!


Andrea said...

love it Lizzie! i really liked how you described the inspiration for your art and what it means to you. that info makes it so personal and tender too. glad you're posting and you've inspired me to get busy too!

Roxanne said...

the doll is AWESOME!!!