Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm least for today

After a long hiatus and seduction by Facebook, I'm back (at least for today). I do love to blog and I love to read other people's blog so I have renewed my commitment to this. I also figure I waste obscene amounts of time on Facebook doing nothing and I could use that time better here. We'll see ;)

So the past couple months in Ava's life have been active, to say the least. Ava took her first vacation out to Sedona and loved the constant attention from Papa & Yaya Woodyat (duh, who wouldn't love that).

Ava in the hiking backpack.

Swimming with Daddy.

Climbing in (and out and in and out) of the car.

Going up the stairs...this may be her last picture crawling up the stairs because she figured out that it is way cooler to walk up them (with help of course) like Mommy & Daddy. Bad for our backs....good for Ava's confidence.

Look Mommy! This is safe, right?

Just doing a couple pull ups...they aren't so hard, I don't know what everybody is complaining about!

"Pruning" Mommy's flowers.

Right now we are getting ready for Ava's first birthday. I can't believe that it has gone so fast (I know, I know...they all say that, but it is true). I will forego the tears right now, but look for a sappy post coming soon.