About Me

I am a mama, artist and teacher in Northern Illinois.  I was born, raised and teach in Rockford, IL.  Currently, my husband, 3 year old daughter and I live in Cherry Valley, IL.

I am the daughter of an artist and have grown up loving art.  I earned my BFA in Art Education from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana ('01) and my Masters in Art Education from Northern Illinois ('10). No amount education could have given my the direction and passion I have in my artwork right now.  Throughout school I desperately sought to create a body of work that truly expressed what I believed at a core level.  I am happy to say that finally, at age 32, I have found my direction and am pursuing it the best I know how.

Along this journey, I met my mother-in-law, Andrea, who seemed to be the perfect catalyst for this adventure.  Together, we formed The Lucid Dream Team in hopes of inspiring others to honor their own whispers and truth.  In June 2011 we participated in our first show together and started an Etsy shop in July 2011.   

contact me: lwoodyatt@gmail.com