Monday, July 9, 2012

Pintrest Craftiness -Sesame Street Tutorial

Yes, I have to admit...just like many of you, I am obsessed with Pintrest.  BUT, I am trying to make it productive.  Here is a project that I actually completed!  I know you are shocked since I haven't posted since January.  The first is a trio of Sesame Street Silhouettes for my nephew Braxton's 2nd birthday.  He is getting a 'big boy' room decorated with Sesame Street, so I had to make these.

1.  To start, find photos of Elmo, Cookie Monster and Big Bird.  I made sure the photos I selected could be identified by just the outline and had a unique gesture.
2.  In Photoshop, delete the background (although I don't think you have to do this).  Resize the photos to fit the right size frame (I used an 8" X 10") and print.
3.  Using a repositionable (low tack) spray adhesive, glue the photo to the back of a black piece of cardstock.  Regular weight paper would probably work but, I didn't want the edges to curl or rip.
4.  Cut out along the outline of the character using a sharp Xacto knife.
5.  Peel the photo off the black paper.
6.  Using a permanent spray adhesive, I glued the black paper onto a matching color paper (Red for Elmo, Blue for Cookie Monster, Yellow for Big Bird).
7.  Stick them in frames and you're done!

Original pic found here.

I will have to say, it is a little time consuming.  Each photo took me about 30 minutes to cut out and my hands hurt for a couple of days afterwards.  The plus side was that it was pretty cheap to make.  I used paper and adhesive that I had at home and I only had to buy picture frames.

More projects to come!  Follow me on Pintrest!