Sunday, April 18, 2010

Painting Update - 3 days left

Here's where I'm at. My painting is due on Tuesday night, so I guess I have 3 days left to finish it...the only technicality is that I have to work two of those days, so it is really like I've got 1 day and 2 nights (after Ava goes to bed of course). That's not all though...I have to write an artist statement, 3 lecture summaries, 2 artist biographies and 4 journal entries. This is the procrastination that I was talking about earlier on Facebook.

"It looks finished to me", you say. Well, those white blobs at the top are supposed to be peacock feathers, the grass and all of the tree branches need a second coat. And then there is endless touch ups, resolving my contrast and color balancing issues.


Kari said...

To the amateur's eye like mine, this painting is amazing...finshed or unfinshed! I know, probably doesn't mean much when looking at the unfinished piece and seeing all that needs to be completed but just wanted you to know it is breathtaking! Great job, awesome talent!!

lizzie said...

Thanks so much for your words of encouragement! I figured to most people it might look a little weird.