Sunday, January 10, 2010

I've gotta get my butt in gear

With the new year (and a new house) there are so many things swirling through my mind....things I want to get done, things I'd like to make. The list seems to get longer by the day. While writing the final for one of my classes, I stumbled across this artist, Mike Stilkey:
Are you kidding me? This is awesome! So somewhere inside of me a little voice says "I should have thought of that" (or better yet) "I can do that." And then I start thinking of how I can gather old books and what I could paint on them and where I could put it in the house.
But here is what is standing in my way...

Projects I've already started in the house, or rather projects I've been thinking about starting have got me at a roadblock. I've been trying to figure out the kitchen of course. We spend the most amount of time in here and I hate (well, maybe not hate, but seriously dislike) the color yellow. I've had fabric swatches hanging up for about 2 months, hoping to get inspiration. I'm thinking of lime green, teal or a grayish blue.
Here is another project I'm in the middle of. I actually started painting this book case. The top is almost done and I'm not sure what to do next. My mom has painted a lot of cute pieces of furniture and now I've got the bug. Why have a plain white bookcase when you can have a totally cute painted one?
So here are just two things that pop in my mind. If I do anything, it should be these things, right? Not that simple though, because the really funbuster is work. Here is what I REALLY should be doing: writing a final for Tuesday.
Why is it that the not so fun stuff seems to win? I let you know how the other projects go. ;)

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misskatiez said...

i'm the same way with sitting down and reading a book right now. i need to get back to reading for fun but there are so many other things in the way.