Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Done, done and done...i think

Dare I say that I think I am actually done with these three pieces?  You might be sick of seeing the same ones again, but if you scroll down, you can probably see a difference.  Although I have not been starting a lot of new pieces, I have been working on finishing these. 

Begin Now, 12" X 12", Acrylic painting on wood panel

This piece, "Begin Now"  started out as what I affectionately called "Sparkle Girl", but she has come a long way.  The girl really beckons you to take action now.  As George Eliot said, "It's never too late to be who you might have been".  So now is that time in my life where I have begun to take the first steps towards "who I might have been".   

Mother & Daughter, 12"X 24",
Acrylic on wood panel
I am still unsure whether this piece is truly complete.  I had done another mother and daughter painting over last summer, but I think it really lacked the tenderness of the relationship between a mother and daughter.  In this piece, I tried to show how the the warm and protection of the mother gives the child a confidence and assurance.     

Nurture, "12" X 20",
Acrylic on wood panel
 This is another painting that I continue to revisit.  You may not notice much of a difference besides a name change, but for me, there is a huge difference.  I mainly worked on balancing color and adding contrast in the vines.  I still don't know how to 'read' the painting myself.  At times, I see the same tenderness as the painting above.  Other times, I see a disaffected, detached girl and then I will notice the peace on her face, the peace that come from a knowing and certainty.  She seems to mirror my own thoughts and feelings.  Despite my changing feelings about her, I know that she is taking care of those things that are most important to her with a quite strength. 

More to come later....