Friday, November 21, 2008

Learning to Tell Stories

Ava has started to 'tell stories'. It is funny to see her struggle to 'say' something, she gets so serious and concentrates so hard. She even had something so important to tell us that she woke up and talked for about an hour at midnight one night. She is super cute right now and getting more fun each day. What an exciting time! Recently, she has discovered how tasty her hands are... can't keep them out of her mouth!

She has made leaps and bounds in the sleeping area. She is now sleeping between 10 and 14 hours at night (yes, I said can be sure that I tiptoe in a make sure she is still breathing) . She still wakes up at least once or twice, but I'm not complaining. We have been working on naps this week and even though there is always crying involved, she has taken every nap in her crib (except one....which was an exception because who could turn down a nap in Aunt Annie's arms?).

I am not sure what to do with all of this extra time, but I like it. Mainly, I have started to bake. Fall is the perfect time for yummy treats. Rested assured, I will be sharing all this sweet goodness with those around me. Also, is you see me slowly gaining more and more weight, you may need to organize a baking intervention.


Roxanne said...

oh, lizzie's baking....memories of college and chocolate chip cookies rush back.....I am drooling on the keyboard......

Andrea said...

What a perfect choice for music! Ava has so much to say and she"s determined to get it out. I remember those times with the kids and the connection I felt.

We took care of Ava the other night and PaPa is smitten! Ava enjoys his face for a moment...but then the smile turns to tears. We found that she prefers the little rattle that she's holding in the video to PaPa's face (the rattle has a "face" on it). I don"t think she prefers any face to her Mommy though, we may take to wearing glasses and a blonde wig to win her over. It was so sweet to see Ava smiling away at her Mommy, Ava even took a break during nursing to give Lizzie a huge smile.
Baby Love...Perfection!