Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Child ia a Genius!

That's right! I knew when she first smiled at 1 week and was holding up her head well before other babies her age that Ava was a prodigy. So here is the evidence. Ava was being a little fussy on Saturday (I know you are saying to yourself "This cannot be, Ava is always in a good mood" HA!) so Daddy took her upstairs to play the piano for her (this always seems to calm her down). It soon became obvious to Aaron the she desperately wanted to play herself. So he set her in front of the piano and ...well, you can see what happened.

Other excitement is our days....Ava has become really good at holding up her head and now really enjoys tummy time. She continues to tell stories to us constantly and has figured out how to 'yell'. She really loves bathtime (I would post a video, but apparently obscene videos are not acceptable). She is also getting a handle on the whole sleeping thing. She is starting to fall asleep on her own, although this usually involves a bit of crying. We go to the doctor on Friday for her 4 month check up and I am sure the doctor will be commenting on how perfect and overachieving she is. I will save the bragging though.

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Kari said...

Cute video! I can't believe how big she's getting. She's definitely a genius...smile! Enjoy your first Christmas with her...isn't it weird to think that last year she wasn't here and now she's apart of the family and you couldn't think of not having her. That's what keeps going through my mind this year with Kinsley.