Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Seven weeks old!

Ava is starting to discover things around her more. Who knew a link could be so entertaining? Although this pic was taken a few weeks ago, it pretty much sums up most of our days. She loves sitting in her bouncy chair, snuggled by Winnie-the-Pooh.

The past week has been a little challenging. I read somewhere that at six weeks babies are the most wakeful and the fussiest. Ava definitely got that memo and continues to take it to heart. While she is still a very good baby, she is beginning to test my sanity.

I just finished her birth announcement and am pretty excited about them...except for addressing all of them. But I think they are pretty cute and I got some flashy hot pink envelopes to go with them. I just love designing things for print. It is a lot of fun and I wish I had an opportunity to do more.

Someday (when I get some extra time, ha ha) I am going to figure out how to post a video... until then, enjoy the pics.


Roxanne said...

Lizzie- what a fun blog- I will be able to check in on yoru life as a mama now, even from Africa! The birth announcements are soo cute- great job!

sue ellen said...

Yes maybe some day you can get more time to do this because you are so gifted it would be a shame to waste it.