Thursday, August 13, 2009

Talking on the Phone

Watch out! Ava has learned to use the phone and thus begins a lifelong obsession with the phone. I am sure this a glimpse into her teenage years. Sorry the camera shakes so much, but I couldn't help but giggling! My, how much she has learned in the past year!


misskatiez said...

super cute! i'm glad we were able to meet up last week!! when you get a bike seat for ava it will be lots of fun to go bike riding there!!

Stan & Jess said...

they all love that phone! Wait till she get the "hello" any time Fred hears a beep or electronic noise of any kind he puts his hand to his ear and says "ru-rhoo" like a scooby-doo hello. She is a cutie and getting so big! Hope to meet her in person at some point!

Roxanne said...

What a girl, I hope to see you an dmeet her soon!